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The Intersect Project: Design Thoughts (From a Woman Who Loves Both God and Shiplap)

“When we want to make our homes beautiful, when we want to create, we are tapping into a good, wholehearted desire, mirrored in God himself. In Genesis 1, he made the world. Imagine that when he said everything was good, he didn’t say it with a stern face and a furrowed brow, as I often find myself thinking, but that when he said it was good, he did it with a smile and a “whoop” of delight.“

Yay and thank you to the Intersect Project for publishing the first half of a set of articles I wrote on the way our faith intersects with the home design movement!

Check out the article here and tell me any thoughts you have, or ways that YOU integrate your faith with how you design your home!

Intersect Project: Design Thoughts, Part 2 (7 Principles to Glorify God In Your Home)

Breathe 5.10.19

Breathe 5.10.19