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The Intersect Project: 5 Lessons I've Learned About Finding and Being a Mentor

Elisha had Elijah.

Timothy had Paul.

And I had Jordan.

And Angeline. And Molly. And Brenda. And Elizabeth.

“You collect mentors,” a friend said to me once, and she was spot on.


I was 18 years old when I went to college and stumbled into a solid Christian community as a kind-of, not-quite-there-yet believer. It was an expectation in this place that every person in the ministry would find a mentor, and I followed suite, having no clue what I was getting into.

I decided on my first mentor, a petite, fiery blonde woman named Jordan while in a large music hall with velvet seats. I was sitting in the balcony when she walked in below, a godly woman I had admired from afar for a few months.

That evening I ran up to Jordan in the middle of a bustling crowd of people finding seats, stuck out my hand, and said hello. In a bold and daring move, I told her I was a freshman, and that I was wondering if she would want to get coffee with me. Jordan was surprised but willing, and we met up the next week, her picking me up because freshman weren’t allowed to have cars on campus. 

So began one of the first great works that the Lord did in me, and a portion of it was entrusted into the hands of this woman. She spent countless hours over multiple years reading books with me, teaching me about God and graciously rebuking me when necessary.

More @ link below- huge thanks to the Intersect Project for once again letting me write on what I’m passionate about!


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