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I am so thankful to those of you who did this study with me, and I wanted to make sure that you know that. This project is something that the Lord laid on my heart, and it was a step of faith for me to move forward with it. All of you showing up made that step a little easier, a little more sure.

The scripture from this book has been pouring out of me from spending so much time studying it (yay!), and there are two strong messages that I am left with: The first is abide. I believe more than ever that God wants us to live our life in him, making him the starting point of all our choices and decisions. The second is love. The amount that God loves us and is dying for us to comprehend it is unbelievable, and it's written all over the pages of this book, begging us to understand. The amount that he wants us to turn that around and love others can only come from him.

Thank you, again, and know that I would love nothing more than your feedback from this bible study! Please feel free to use the site’s messaging system to send me what you liked, didn’t like, or my favorite, what God taught you in this season while walking though this book. Hearing what God did in you is my favorite way to see him at work! I appreciate any and all feedback, good or bad, so please do not hesitate.

Some of you have asked how you can support these writings and posts, and my answer will always be that the best way to support this site is by sharing what you liked! If there was anything in the series that moved you, putting it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even just talking about it with a friend is the best support I can ask for.

Day 30