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Intersect Project: Design Thoughts, Part 2 (7 Principles to Glorify God In Your Home)

“Our bathroom door sticks to the point where people get stuck in there and have to call out for help. Our stove is straight from the 1960s. Our refrigerator is in the laundry room because if more than one person walks into the kitchen when the fridge is present, nothing else fits.

And still, I love this house. I love that it is ours, that we get to worship God here, to create a space that reminds us of his goodness, and hopefully points others to him when they enter."

Part 2 of the design series on the Intersect Project is finally up- hit the link below to check it out!


Breathe 6.1.19

Breathe 6.1.19

The Intersect Project: Design Thoughts (From a Woman Who Loves Both God and Shiplap)